Saturday, April 22, 2006

New Links

I have just added some new links to some other good sites in the investing blog community. With links, I try and stick to sites that are either aimed at investing, or are important investor references.

These blogs are written by investors, for investors:

Michael Patzer has a site that chronicles the development of his own approach to investing. Particularly refreshing, he shares his mistakes as willingly as his successes.

InvestorGeeks is a site written by a few guys who share a major aim of this site - developing an approach to investing.

Finally, I encourage you to check out the USA's largest community of Financial Freedom activists, NYC Cashflow. This is where I first found a community of investors with the goal of being more succesful than simply retiring at 65 (or 67 if you're born after 1964). The community has several discussion groups of investors who are actually making it happen. We trade views, offer advice, and remind each other that talk isn't enough - action is the key.

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