Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Test Your VC Skills

I know I have been a bit remiss on posting lately. I have been working on a big project that wraps up this week, and it has been cutting into my blogging time, but I do have lots of material. I just need the time to organize it.

In the meantime, check out and test your investing skills. So far, they have had six case studies, and five "solutions".

What I really like about these scenarios is the radar chart and funding curve that The Venture Alliance use. TVA's radar chart looks at 12 key dimensions of an investment and shows in one picture the relative importance of a dimension to success and relative performance of a potential investment against that standard.

I like it so much, I am using a similar system as the basis of an entire business development methodology at my job. My GM thinks I'm a genius. I am looking to use a similar method to complement discounted cash flow modelling as part of my investment analysis.

So how's you do?

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