Sunday, November 19, 2006

Personal Update

Regular readers of this blog will note that postings have become somewhat anemic lately. I have to apologize, because my commitment to investing and to this blog have not diminished, but available time has been hard to come by.

I am making some major changes in my life. I am leaving my nice job here in New Jersey working on strategic management in aftersales to increase my international exposure and earn an MBA at the University of St Gallen, one of the top-5 MBA programs in Europe. The school´s website is here. With this degree (and 12 months in Switzerland, which is going to be awesome in itself), I will look to join the ranks of the strategy consultants, hopefully with BCG. We shall see.

Actually, returning to school will probably help the quality of this blog. I will benefit from academic exposure and the time to think about ideas that school offers. The problem has been that I have been in the process of launching some new programs at work before I leave, and simultaneously moving to another country.

I will endeavor to post more in the next few weeks, before I head to Europe on the 6th of December, and thence to Thailand. Once that happens, on the 9th of December, there will likely be few posts until I get settled in Switzerland in the new year.

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