Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Take Our Poll !

I'm introducing a new feature here: The Strategic Investor poll.

Our first question asks - who among the notable people on the right is THE strategic investor sought by Berkshire Hathaway to succeed Warren E. Buffett as portfolio manager?

They are all young (under 60), successful, investors in their own right, and rich.

A brief review of the candidates:

Stanley Druckenmiller
is the former partner of George Soros at the Quantum Fund

Abigail Johnson
is the scion of Edward Johnson, founder of Fidelity. She runs the empire now, so she has experience taking over existing shops and improving them and Berkshire would give her a chance to get out from her father's shadow (though she is a successful investor in her own right).

Eddie Lampert
is considered by many to be the Warren Buffett of his own generation. Interned with Robert Rubin at Goldman Sachs, founded his own fund at 28. Made fortune with AutoZone and AutoNation, then made big play for bonds of bankrupt Kmart. Later merged with Sears. Knows how to hire and manage managers

Bill Miller
is the manager of the Legg Mason Value Trust and a legendary value investor. He is one of the few actively managed funds to regularly outperform the S&P 500, having done so for 15 consecutive years before being edged in 2006.

Tony Nicely
is the CEO of Geico and regularly featured by Buffett for his management of the company. Nicely has on more than one occasion been known to have higher investment returns than his boss.

Kenneth Fisher
is the son of legendary Philip Fisher and has built an asset management empire of his own. He is the longest-running columnist in the history of Forbes magazine. His quarterly stock market reports are notoriously bullish but always interesting.

J Christopher Flowers is a former M&A star from Goldman Sachs. Specializes in buying and reorganizing banks and financial institutions.

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