Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Democrats and Taxes

This might be a bit behind the times, but still, I have to wonder: how can anyone take the Democrats seriously when they suggest that paying taxes is a civic duty, since it is clear that they do not believe that this duty applies to themselves?

Perhaps they assume that most people are cheating and underpaying because they do: they just assume most people cheat at least as much. After all, leftist fascism is at least well intentioned.

For a humorous commentary on exactly the kind of people I mean, listen to Tom Lehrer from 1964.

Like many in the investment blogging community, I am generally a liberatarian. I have voted for the Libertarian Party, although I often think it to be a bunch of wackos - but at least they stand on principle, if often incoherently. I am generally against government schemes to "help" people, because inevitably the politcally weak are fed to the politically powerful. This is done in the name of helping the economically "weak", though in actual fact this isn't necessarily the case either.

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