Friday, September 03, 2010

Google Adsense

Well, I finally gave up on Google Adsense. Between PIN requirements, endless verification and the like, I just couldn't take it, and was tired of the public service announcements being run on the site.

The problem is, there is really no support. I entered my PIN ages ago, and yet my account kept saying that it required additional verification, but there was no where to input information. Contacting Google, however, is impossible. All they have a lots and lots of forums where users should do the work of providing support.

Even cancellation is difficult, I think because they want to prevent anyone from getting their cash.

So, I am trying someone else, we'll see how this works. Guess I'll need to write some more to get my traffic back up.

UPDATE: as I suspected, AdSense wouldn't let me cancel, because I don't have any record of how many impressions I had on my first day of service (in 2006!). The saga continues.

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