Thursday, September 28, 2006

An offer from the Strategic Investor

A couple of people have contacted me about getting the excel sheet for the DCF analysis. You could also make one yourself, but why reinvent the wheel? The issue is, blogger isn't terribly helpful with sharing excel files (if someone knows how, please tell me), so I have to send via email. I ask that you subscribe to my feed by entering your email address in the the box at the right (just enter your email in the white box on the right hand side and then confirm via the email confirmation) and I will send you the file as an email attachment.


  1. use

    its great for sharing spreadsheets, although it currently doesn't have the full functionality of Excel.

    horray for AJAX!

  2. Thanks - I appreciate the tip!

    I send the spreadsheet soon - I'm in Munich enjoying the Oktoberfest, so there isn't alot of time for blogging, unfortunately.