Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Note About the „New“ Blogger

If you are returning to The Strategic Investor, you will have noticed the change in the format of the blog. When I started blogging, I had to decide which blog application to use. At the time, Blogger was the most primitive of the blog options (I looked at WordPress, TypePad and several others) and I seriously considered using one of the other packages. I decided to stick with Blogger for most of the same reasons cited here.

The key factor for me was my decision that a good investor can create an asset and learns how to monetize that asset. Thus, my strategy was always to be able to have a no-cost blog (which meant getting free hosting, which, at the time was only available from Blogger and that could also run ads. Blogger was the best fit.

This meant that I would have to have a .blogspot URL (which has been fine). It also meant using fairly standard templates and worst of all, it meant not having labels (though I found a solution care of another Blogspot blogger who developed a clever search function that effectively performed the same role). While it appears that he has stopped blogging, I would like to say, “thanks,” by asking you to check out his blog here.

I am pleased that I made the decision as the beta of Blogger has added several features that make publishing much easier (including labels), even if you aren’t an XML or CSS.

I look forward to taking full advantage. I hope you will join me by subscribing.

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