Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Resuming life as a "Strategic Investor“

Well, I have decided to return to blogging. Last year, I believed that life as a student would permit adequate time to research investments and to write about what I was learning and how it was influencing my thinking. While I certainly did a great deal of writing, I found that there was no time to do the in-depth, fundamentals-oriented style of investing that I do. It became painfully clear that I was suffering from the problems that most independent investors face: lack of time.

However, I have wanted to return to the fray, particularly in light of the very difficult and confusing investment climate which materialized in 2007 and which continues to this day. I have written before about my belief that the housing market would implode in 2007 (see posts here and here) and that this would have profound impact for the US economy and by extension that of the world. I continue to hold this view and it informs my holdings, which are almost entirely in cash.

With that in mind, I will resume posting as of today. You will notice several changes – starting with the template of this blog itself. I am now using the Beta version of Blogger, which makes changing features of the blog much easier. I am also taking this opportunity to overhaul my categories/labels to make finding material easier. In addition, I will look to add a “Strategic Investor’s Bookshelf” – which will keep you up-to-date on what I am reading and what I think about it. I will look to add more linking and to point readers to important financial news.

What has not changed is my desire to provoke, explain and inform a sophisticated audience that aspires to superior returns. I will look always to bring a unique and well-reasoned perspective and aim for the “big picture”, while not losing sight of the fact that every investment is a “special case” (though some are more special than others).

Finally, it should be noted that this blog is an exploration of ideas and that I observe and comment and will share what I am doing – but no strategy should ever become the slave to tactical moves. Even if we are faced with the same market circumstances, we approach them from different positions and – far more important – with different objectives. Many strategies are possible within the same market. The reader must decide for himself what strategy he wishes to pursue.

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