Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Refresh and Some Other Changes

So, I have decided to refresh the look of the site.

I am experimenting with a few different formats, though I still believe the three column approach is best.

Have also updated my blogroll - a long period of inactivity had allowed some links to get out of date, these have been removed. I will resume reviewing sites in the blogosphere and adding to my list of sites.

Finally, I notice that my Google Page Rank has dropped to zero.

I suppose I deserve this, somehow. I still have some good inbound links, but due to some inactivity, I think several larger sites dropped me.

On the other hand, maybe I am being punished for having criticized AdSense?

For the time being I have decided to remove all advertising and refocus on delivering quality content.

If you want to link exchange, please let me know.

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